Saturday, 15 December 2012

Who wants to ride my bicycle?

The world is trying to tell me - it's time to go on another bicycle trip!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Limburg 2013

The bicycle trip for 2013 will be a revisit to the Limburg region (and a tiny bit outside, for logistic reasons). I enjoyed this part of the Paambi 2011-trip very much, even though I kind of "rushed through". This is one of the places I promised myself to return to.

View Limburg 2013 on Google Maps

I'll be working directly on my Google Maps maps for the physical trip planning, in addition to further research into weather statistics, yoga-in-the-park-events, business networking events, bicycle rentals, etc. Which brings me to another intersting tidbit about last year's trip: For the exact two week period the trip took place, measurements at Brüssel International Airport showed temperatures far above the average high, and there was an unusual halt in precipitation - it was raining for months before and after.

Monday, 2 July 2012

New bicycle projects

I should be doing one of these long trips at least every two years. Also, I need to do some shorter trips "in the neighbourhood" in the years I'm not doing long trips. I have therefore set up a map with approximate routes I'm considering. A bunch of these belong to the Paris-Amsterdam-bicycle project. Check out the map and stay tuned for the upcoming bicycle trips on a bicycle blog near me.

Summer 2012: Haram islands and/or Sandsøy-Aukra-Midsund
15.9.2012: Kvivsvegen
2013: Under consideration, most likely Belgium-Netherlands-Germany (Bocholt-Bocholt circle)