Saturday, 14 May 2011

Bonjour Orly

Very quick summary.

First plane was late, so boarding on Paris flight started boarding at the moment I lander in Oslo. I ran the entitet length of the airport and just made it.

Upon arrival at Orly, I figured I would walk to a hotel. Fyringsolje this two hour alternative form of transportation, I ran out of battery, recharged with sløser cell battery, found out that Google Maps is not always correct on details, and praised my phone for having å compass.

This is by far the best hotel room I have stayed in for a long time. I particularly enjoyed the bath tub. The breakfast with excellent coffee brought to my table lacks one thing, though. I say as my wife:

KURRAT, KUS MUST LEIB ON? (Damit, where is the dark bread?)

1 comment:

  1. Auto correct are apparently playing you some tricks.. ;)
    Anyway, have a nice trip, and say hello to Klemet for me.