Thursday, 21 February 2013

Research Oise

I finally got around to writing to the city of Clermont to which Cauffry is a suburb. It has been on my todo-list for a while

On May 16th 2011, I bicycled through Cauffry and came across some flowers on the east side of D916A at Chemin du Marais. The flowers are dedicated to a Francois whom I assume was killed there. As Francois was born in 1973 as myself, and he died on a day that to me is magic, I immediately felt a friendship. And I became curious - who was Francois, and what happened? Are there photos? Friends? Family? Anyone who wish to share the story of Francois?

This point of Paambi is an oddity when it comes to places to which I wish to return. Because I wish to return there not for the place itself, but for a person who is no longer there.

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