Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Countdown! (275 days to go!)

I have been planning this on and off since 2001. There has always been a reason why it didn't happen. The trip was already split in three weeks of five days bicycling, two days rest. So to increase the chances of making this actually happen, I have extended the rest to a year. One week Paris-Lille, one year rest, one week Lille-Maastricht, one year rest, one week Maastricht-Amsterdam.

Step two in making something happen is to set a date. I am half way there. It will happen in May 2011. The exact date is yet to be determined, but it will be two weeks before or one week after Eurovision in Germany, May 14th. At the moment of writing, it is more likely to be one week after Eurovision.

Step three is to hold myself accountable for going through with this. This is achieved by telling everyone about it, mark my work calendar, blog about it (this blog) and do something every day (well, at least every week) to get closer to the goal. And after all, since I already set a day in step two, and everyone knows about this date, I am already accountable.

Step four is figuring out where to stay, how much it costs, and make sure I have finances to cover the trip before it begins. I am open for sponsorships if only I find out why someone should want to sponsor me.

Assuming a schedule where I start riding the morning of May 21st, the link to the countdown is

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