Wednesday, 25 August 2010

P-268 Logo

Back in 2005, when I drove round the Baltic Sea with my neighbour, we had a logo for the "Barents-to-Baltic Project". And that project only lasted one summer. Paambi has been in the planning stage since 2001, and with the current plan, it will take three years to complete. It deserves its own logo, which can be used on T-shirts, business cards, envelopes and letter heads.

My first starting point is "How do I signify Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam in a graphic way?" Or the route. Or France/Belgium/Netherlands?

Paris or France is easy: Eiffel tower. Amsterdam or Netherlands is easy: Tulip or windmill. I will avoid making use of red lights or cannabis as a symbol here: I might get arrested in France with a photo of a cannabis plant on my T-shirt, and we don't want that. But what to do with Belgium? French fries? I found out that the saxophone was invented by a Belgian.

Trying to put the Eiffel tower, a saxophone and a tulip together with simple lines, however, does not create the simplicity I'm after. Especially if I should put a bicycle in there - which incidentally is also another great symbol for France. Nothing screams "France" more than a bicycle.

On another note, I went ahead and bought a new bicycle chain. It was cheaper than getting rust remover and oil to treat the old one.

And finally: Route Paris-Creil

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