Sunday, 13 March 2011

T-68 An inaccurate date?

Time is closing in, and might be closing faster than expected, too. My travel partner is open for travel between May 11th and June 6th. As ESC is being dropped, I need to finalize the travel dates, and this could mean starting before May 21st. Basically, only start and stop of travel are required. And booking the plane tickets.

I will be a "home alone with one chide"-dad for a few weeks counting from March 29th. In the meanwhile, I need to intensify my practice, which has been close to non-existant. Target travel rate is, after all, 30 km/day - or 210 km/week - a far cry from my current 5km/week average (actually altering between 4, 6 and 9 km/week of walking).

It is ten weeks until expected departure. A practice program should increase the distance by 20 km/week2 - 3km/day every week or 0.42 km/day every day. When bicycling is not an option due to other restraints, I must make use of the stationary bike - every day!

How should I accomplish this, I wonder? Well... first of all, write it down!

Week number: daily practice, total for week, total in period (comment)
Week 11: 4 km/day 28 km 28 km(15 minutes/day?)
Week 12: 7 km/day 49 km 77 km
Week 13: 10 km/day 70 km 147 km
Week 14: 13 km/day 91 km 238 km (an hour/day? Must be morning practice.)
Week 15: 16 km/day 112 km 350 km
Week 16: 19 km/day 133 km 483 km
Week 17: 22 km/day 154 km 637 km (two hours/day? How do I fit this into my schedule?)
Week 18: 25 km/day 175 km 812 km
Week 19: 28 km/day 196 km TOTAL: 1008 km

Next: Something as simple as a piece of paper with this information - or a spreadsheet. Jot down actual practice and check against the four different goals written down in the table above. Figure out how to get about doing this as I go.

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