Sunday, 20 March 2011

T-61: Practice and dates

Practice: Last week was a disaster. My goal was 4 km/day, 28 km total for the week. The total was 4.22 km. This, of course, explained by the fact that my oldest son was sick, and I spend much of the week as "assisting home nurse".

Also with regards to children - assuming that my wife gets assistance with junior from my parents, the boundries of the trip must be May 11th - May 31st. However, this is a very busy time of the year at school, and it might be just as good to bring junior along to France - in which case the boundries are May 11th - June 6th. It's an idea anyway. And he likes to fly - but will he be content to sit in the car with Klemet, or do I need to pull him along on the bicycle? Hmmm...

Goal for next week: 7 km/day, 49 km total, and if I should catch up with this week's 23.78 km deficit, I should do 72.28 km - or 10.3 km/day. Hmmmm... we'll see. At least "the wolf" will be back in kindergarden tomorrow.

Todo next week: Tighten chain and get riding outside again.

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