Wednesday, 13 April 2011

T-31 Time to buy plane tickets

I just did a jump in the countdown. Due to time limitations with my driver, cycling begins May 15th instead of 21st. This means it's 31 days left before riding. He must return on 22nd, which changes the logistics a bit for me. I feel I can complete the trip with a few more days. By returning on the 27th from Amsterdam means five more nights, but also the cheapest return ticket and two days to spare.

As fate will have it, the cheapest plane going from Ålesund to Paris on the 14th costs twice as much as any other day, begins at 7 in the morning and arrives 17:25 in Paris after spening amounts of time waiting in Oslo and Copenhagen.

Which means I need to leave Norway on friday 13th and get one night accomodation in Paris... wish me luck!

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